Color liquid crystal display how to form a color

- Jun 22, 2016-

ust now we just refer to the monochrome liquid crystal display, then the color of the liquid crystal display is how to form the color of it? Usually, in the color LCD panel, each pixel is made up of three liquid crystal cells, each of which has a red, green or blue filter. See here believe that we all know, the light through the filter of irradiation treatment to each pixel in different colors of liquid crystal cell, the principle of combination of the three primary colors of different colors.

For liquid crystal display, it usually includes the glass substrate, ITO (Tin Oxide Indium) film, with the film, polarizing plate made of plywood, up and down a total of two layers. Each of the layers includes a groove formed on the electrode and the alignment film, and the top and bottom glass substrate is matched with a 90 degree. The liquid crystal is arranged in the upper and lower layers, and the liquid crystal is matched with the groove direction. On the whole, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in a spiral shape. When the glass substrate is added with an electric field, the liquid crystal molecule is matched with the column to generate the change, and becomes an upright state. When the liquid crystal molecules erected time line can not be passed, the results appear black on the display screen. Liquid crystal display (LCD) will be based on the voltage, the control of liquid crystal molecules with column direction, so that the panel to achieve the display effect.

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