Comparison of mobile phone LCD screen

- Jun 22, 2016-

STN is the main components of the early color, initially only display 256 colors, although after technological transformation can display 4096 color even 65536 colors, but now generally STN is still 256 color, has the advantages of low price, low energy consumption.

TFT good brightness, high contrast, strong sense of hierarchy, bright color. Disadvantage is more power consumption, higher cost.

UFB is specifically designed for mobile phones and PDA display, it is characterized by: ultra-thin, high brightness. Can display 65536 colors, the resolution can reach 128 x 160 resolution. UFB display using a special grating design, can reduce the pixel spacing, to obtain a better picture quality. UFB combines the advantages of STN and TFT: power consumption less than TFT, the price and STN almost.

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