IPadde advantage

- Jun 22, 2016-

nput means diversity, good moving performance of its iPad tablet computer, because they are no longer limited to the keyboard and mouse input of fixed, can use handwriting and touch operation. Therefore, whether standing or on the move can operate. If it is a flat plate plate computer can do more frivolous, so better performance in mobile [5].

Touch screen, interactive better using the keyboard and mouse input in the computer is actually a compromise of human-computer interaction, imagine if we through a finger on the window to drag and drop, with two fingers amplification or narrow the photos. Not more in line with our actual behavior habits? And all this can be achieved in the iPad Tablet PC all touch screen [5].

Read holding, available as e-books for the iPad tablet computer especially flat plate tablet, the more lightweight volume and weight, making it can direct holding in their hands to operate, so change the reading habits of the people on the computer. Have a dual screen tablet computer for reading out. Handwriting recognition, text input is convenient and iPad can like handheld computers with stylus input text and drawing, also supports digital ink: a user's handwriting input pen shape of text not converted into text, like the ordinary pen on paper to write the word like, greatly improving the work efficiency.

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