IPod use method

- Jun 22, 2016-

Just bought a new iPod. Or you're going to buy it but you're not going to put anything in it. For inexperienced users, it is not easy to fill the media files on iPod. Apple's way of managing iPod is different from any of the previous MP3.

This tutorial will provide you with a way to manage and add media files to iTunes and iPod. How to get audio and video files, and how to get it to iPod.

Before you start to your iPod filled media files, you should understand that Apple uses a completely different with other MP3 file management.

The contents of the file on the iPod will be managed by iTunes. You can download the latest iTunes from Apple's official website. Of course, iTunes is not just a software that can load the content on your iPod. In fact, iTunes is a software that can fully manage your media files (music, Audiobook, video, Podcast). By default, iTunes will automatically synchronize the media library to your iPod.

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