The difference between LCD and CRT display

- Jun 22, 2016-

CD (liquid crystal display) LCD display, use this technique made the display thickness than ordinary CRT thinner, so in the early is mainly used for notebook computer, and now the market is popular for TFT-LCD display TFT thin film transistor and its working principle is below I will explain for everybody.

CRT cathode tube display the working principle and the TV picture tube almost, in the vacuum tube, the generated at the end of the electron irradiation to the front of the phosphorous display. The traditional CRT display due to the need to hide inside the vacuum tube. Therefore, stature than liquid crystal display much larger, the LCD liquid crystal display one of the superiority of, due to the small volume, so placed the elasticity is larger. And a secondary consideration is to use home health problems, due to the traditional CRT display containing electron beam in operation will produce a lot of static electricity and radiation, so long-term use, damage the eyes, causing problems such as myopia. And liquid crystal displays, due to the operation without using electron beam, so there is no static electricity and radiation both affect vision problems.

Traditional CRT monitor generally marked size not screen visual range, such as general 15 inch monitor, for example, although indicating the size of 15 inches, but its real visual range may only 14.1 inch or so. Such as 17 inch monitor may only be the remaining 15 to 16 inch visual range. But the LCD screen is marked by the size of the actual visual range, such as the general 15.1 inch LCD screen is completely 15.1 inch visual range, can be convenient to use at home.

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