6S Plus IPhone Screen Material Is What

- Jun 22, 2016-

Camera, apple iphone6s plus using a 12MP iSIGHT camera, the sensor the size of a single pixel photosensitive area of 1.22 m, so a size was able to ensure the picture quality, iphone6s plus remains better than iphone6 equipped with optical anti shake function, aperture is still f / 2.2. However, apple said 6S Plus IPhone will have a faster focusing speed and better picture capture capability.

On the other hand, iphone6s plus front camera upgrade to 500 million pixels, although there is no the rumors of the pre flash, but if the retina flash function. That is to say iphone6s plus short time let the brightness of the screen up to three times, of course, is in white, this screen intangibles become a fill light.

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