Air IPad 2 Operating System

- Jun 22, 2016-

Simple and easy to use interface, amazing functionality and the core of security, so that iPad unprecedented powerful. It has a beautiful appearance, but also a beautiful place to work. Even the most simple task, to do more interesting. And iOS8 can iPadAir2 strong A8X chip, ultra fast wireless connection and gorgeous Retina display to the head.

IOS 8 to become the advanced mobile operating system, is the details of the excellence, intimate and thoughtful new features, as well as with the hardware of the tacit agreement. Is loaded with new time function of the mail app, just tap a activity or telephone number, can be added to the calendar or contacts; it is more intuitive and easy to use Safari, slip out of new sidebar can show your bookmarks, reading lists and shared links; or metal such as the development of new tools, used to make wonderful app beyond imagination; even the new keyboard options. In short, iOS 8 Air 2 iPad that are more brilliant from first to last.

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