How To Test The Screen

- Jun 22, 2016-

At present, more and more mobile phone manufacturers and suppliers choose to use automated vision inspection system to replace the human eye detection, reduce the production of the production, improve production efficiency. Such a detection system in simple terms, is composed of two parts, hardware and software, the hardware is based on the design of a high speed, high resolution CCD sensor imaging luminance meter, spectrophotometer, to realize the measurement of the brightness difference in the backlight keyboard characters on the display pixel level measurement, but also, and the light source luminance and chrominance high precision measurement; while the software is to provide comprehensive equipment control, data acquisition and rich image analysis. At the same time, automatic detection range is very comprehensive and not only to detect the leakage problem, concrete can be divided into foreign body of failure detection and optical integrity detection, which foreign body failure detection can be divided into three categories: class, block type (gray and color), the line (scratches); the overall optical detection mainly chroma luminance uniformity of measurement. If you intend to high precision detection system, radiant vision systems on Lake optical system is recommended. It is used to the light source (such as LED, building lights, car lights, etc.) and display (such as smart phones, computer, TV, aircraft / vehicle instrument display, large venue video display) equipment for the design, analysis and test, provide overall photometric and colorimetric solution.

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