Industrial Liquid Crystal Display Resolution

- Jun 22, 2016-

Size and resolution also play a role in the overall readability. In general, 6.5, 8.4, 10.4, 12.1 and 15 in LCD mode are mostly used in industrial applications. These dimensions provide sufficient space for viewing, signal waveform, or other graphic data, and will not take up too much of the device.

The resolution requirements are mainly determined by the display information or display data. In the past, VGA, SVGA, and XGA resolutions were the most popular.

However, more and more manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the profit of large aspect ratio display, such as WVGA and WXGA. Large vertical and horizontal mode allows the user to view a longer view on a monitor to see more data and more data. These displays can also is designed to function in the display surface fusion touch keys, so that users can in large aspect display viewing data or in the integration of the touch screen function standard aspect ratio between the display switch. This new advanced functionality is extremely helpful to simplify the user interface.

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