Principle Of Liquid Crystal Light

- Jun 22, 2016-

TN (twisted nematic) monochrome LCD panel contains two pieces of a very delicate non sodium glass material, called Substrates, with a layer of liquid crystal, the structure is like a "sandwich" ". We focus on the look at the middle layer, which is the liquid crystal layer, LCD is not simply irrigation into them, but poured into the interlayer of the two internal grooved, the two grooves of the interlayer is mainly make liquid crystal molecules can be neatly arranged, as if the irregular arrangement of words, the light is not smoothly through the LCD part of. In order to achieve the orderly arrangement of the effect, the production of these grooves is very fine, the liquid crystal molecules will be arranged along the groove, the groove is very parallel, so the molecules are completely parallel.

The two sandwich we usually called sandwiched, upper and lower interlayer is arranged in neat rows of the liquid crystal molecules, but arranged in the direction of different, upper layer of the liquid crystal molecules according to the direction of the upper portion of the trench to arrange, and dissection of the lower part of the liquid crystal molecules according to the direction of the lower portion of the trench arrangement. In the production process, the grooves is cross (vertical 90 degrees), the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules of the upper is horizontal, the lower liquid crystal molecular arrangement is longitudinal, thus causing the in layer between the liquid crystal molecules close to the upper is arranged horizontally, then near the lower is longitudinally arranged.

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