Samsung Note III GALAXY Product Performance

- Jun 22, 2016-

Samsung Note GALAXY 3 design inspiration comes from Notepad, so its back using a leather like texture of the material, but not the real leather. Side of the fuselage has a similar notebook of the paper page of the dentate pattern, reminiscent of the "notebook" and "calendar book" characteristics. And Note series of "pen" is also just in line with this design. This product measurements are 151.2*79.2*8.3 mm, black, white, pink, gold four color, and have more color cover with protection shell color.

Galaxy note 3 by 5.7 inches Full HD dazzling screen (super AMOLED), with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), size and screen resolution are than the previous generation product note 2 (5.5 inches 1280x720 pixels) has promotion. Samsung said the larger screen size with functional improvements, so that users can make full use of the display area of the display area.

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